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2012 Revolution

of the Mind






The Cosmic College

for all People on Earth

"Light of Change"




The Cosmic College ‘Light of Change’


the Big Map of our Existence



"There is only one reality in which we all participate.
This world is one and the same,

the universes are one and the same,

the basic dynamics, impulses, sentience and

abilities of these human bodies and brains are all identical.


It is just our ‘mind-set’ that differs from one another because each one of us is here for a different purpose and task to accomplish for the benefit of the next generations.


How to cooperate, support and synergize each other, is what we have to find out, for each to be successful and contented for his and her stay-time here.

May the path of humanity be paved with growing unity around this living planet Earth."


The founder:




Oneness and Unity Consciousness


We need support systems for each other as human beings. A way for compassion and understanding to lead us, instead of greed and materialism. A system where the knowledge that we are all One being, divided into individual parts, or aspects of the whole, can be taught and accepted by our children.


We need to get back to nature, and to work in communities where our connection with Mother Earth and the Universe can be consistently supported and maintained. A place where we can feel at home, and connected to each other in ways we have lost to a modern viewpoint of a separation from the soul. A way for us to gain a better understanding of our place in the cosmos.


A new beginning for humanity, which can bring us all together as one global family, so we can evolve with grace, dignity and beauty.


We need freedom from greed, materialism and profits, and a way to overcome feelings of separation and grief. A way to tap into our true potential as human beings, and rise above any feelings of loss or alienation. To come together in the spirit of Oneness and Unity.


We need a new approach to life, which our modern system has failed to provide each us.

We need compassion and understanding, tempered by logic, and led by Love.


*Oneness can be defined as the fact or state of being unified or whole, though composed of two or more parts or to identify or harmonize with someone or something.


By: John Eustor





I am The Change


I am never still, I am always growing
I keep you warm when it’s snowing
I don’t demand silence, I help you grow
I am a river that endlessly flows


I am history, I am the future
I can be as interesting as an adventure
No, there’s nothing about me that’s strange
I am progress, I am The Change


Shivanee Kaushal



The Goal for this Cosmic College, Light of Change is:
to draw a well balanced Big Map of our existence here on Earth.

This Big Map should cover all areas of our Perceptions and Awareness
in a way that it will be acceptable for the growing numbers of curious and at the same time utmost critical thinkers of the coming new era ‘After 2012’


The Team of the Light of Change


On the practical level, the Team of Writers and Authors
who chose to join this Light of Change College will present:
1: Articles of Science, Technology, Biology, etc.
2: Prose, Poetry and Songs/Song-texts
3: Also address any communal subject, on daily as well on spiritual planes


We invite everyone who is ready for the Leap to a united humanity,
to join, support and synergize each other on this path,
fusing each personal Torch of Knowledge with the Whole. Welcome!


At this point the Writer wishes to highlight the following:


1: “Any thought, knowledge, philosophy, science etc. etc
origins and is maintained  solely within the boundaries of personal perceived And accepted Information
Whether this information is conceived by consciousness or by sub-consciousness”

2: “Without properly shared information … there is no significant discussion possible …
3: "Without clear definitions/specification of the keywords used … there is no clear understanding possible"
4: Without significant leveling of minds … durable Global Consensus is impossible to reach ..”


So the first goal of the Cosmic College is:
1: Gather/present proper information about any communal subject
2: Find clear definitions for all used keywords
3: View and review any subject from ‘above’ and under different angles

Thus any information presented by the Light of Change Team
must be well contemplated on… and should represent
‘common ground’ for the majority of readers …


For this each Team-Member must be very critical minded and most importantly, each must be broadly oriented on any subject s/he will address

as an Introduction for further study and communication.


For easy exchange of information, communication and complementary,

each page of our Cosmic College: The Light of Change will have an open ‘Podium’ so that each addressed Subject may organically expand towards a broader view upon.


The Writer wishes to underline once again that the united humanity
as he envisions in front of us, is not any kind of organized and controlled Global Society ..


The aim as set by The Writer is to go back to the Basics, the Individual, as starting point and from there on assist each person toward ‘spiritual adulthood’ and as such, once again become in harmoniously balance with the Cosmic Evolution and with this living planet Earth and all life-forms here.




“When Love is recognized as taking care of
each other and of every life-form one comes across …
When Research, Science and Economics are not
Impulsed by Greed and Envy anymore and
Sharing becomes the Source of Happiness and Joy …
We will observe united humanity taking shape …*The Writer*


Call for Canditate-Team-Members  


Are you inspired or motivated to join our Light of Change Team
and fuse your knowledge and insights for the benefit of ALL ???


As a starting Non-Profit Movement we are looking for any volunteers because within the whole, every person will find her/his own seat ...

So don't hesitate, step forth and take your place ... 


* Do you write … articles, excerpts, prose, poetry etc …?
* Do you have/make illustration, paintings, pictures, graphic-arts etc… ?
* Do you have any practice with Public Relations … ?

* Could you in person translate the English pages which already are and further on will be added to The Mountain Lodge
into Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Arabic or any other Language?
* Do you have any suggestion you wish to talk about?

* Do you only have some spare time but are willing to contribute
to our effort to reach out to every person on this planet … ?


For this Peaceful March for Harmony within and Prosperity For All
we call for every person to connect heart to hearts with us and join our effort on a Global scale


We’re looking for

*Every person who is wishing a better Future For All …
*Scientists, Scholars and Explorers of Spirit and Spirituality
*Lightworkers~Starseeds and Love-Sowers of any Religion
*Philosophers, Writers and Poets, Cosmic Pilgrims
*Song, Music, Script Writers, Singers, Composers, Film-makers...
*Inspired Volunteers for social, communal and global activities…
*Owners of/Writer for Magazines, Websites, Blogs, etc…etc…


No Tribe, City, County or Nation can stay aside now…
We have to keep connecting heart to hearts … Please …


“To harvest Tomorrow
the fruits of Peace and Prosperity for Everyone
We have to sow those seeds… Now”

*The Writer*




Watch the introduction video:
I Am A Cosmic Entity: The New Man on Earth





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