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As We Transcend From Being Carbon-Based - Into Crystalline Beings - That Can Only Exist On Higher Dimensional Levels, We Are Merging With Syrian DNA Strands, For This Format Is Close Enough To Our Own DNA, To Become An Integrated Match - With Little Side Effects!


Not Only Are Humans Changing, But ALL Life Forms On Earth Are Becoming Crystalline - Birds - Flowers - Trees - Dogs - Cats - Everything Is Changing! Nothing In Nature Will Die Or Be Destroyed - We Are All Moving Together Into A New State of Awareness An Existence of Beingness!


Anything And Everything - That Does Not Vibrationally Match This New Fifth Dimensional Beingness - Will Be Let Go Into Oblivion! For The Old Ways And Values Do Not Exist In 5D! So This Is Why Current Relationships Are Breaking Up, Jobs, Careers, Possessions, Dwellings, Governmental Structures, Institutions, Corporations - ALL of It - That Does Not Compliment A Higher Vibrational Sense of Awareness In A Loving Peace Filled Environment!


Many Are Becoming Fear Based Within A Great Deal of Anxiety of What Is To Come - But You Must Visualize And Focus In On A LIGHT FILLED World of Prosperity And Abundance For ALL! This WILL Be Your NEW Reality Within ALL There Is And ALL That Is Meant To Be!


Many Are Sensing And Feeling The Changes That Are Occurring Inside Their Bodies Which Entail - Flu Like Symptoms - High Temperatures - Sweating - Joint Pain! Also In Some Migraine Headaches Are Occurring Where Pain Relievers Don't Work! Try A Homeopathic Remedy Instead - Also Visualize A Round Gold Ball Hovering In Your Third Eye - Transcending The Pain. You May Also Experience Sneezing And An Occasional Runny Nose - But Don't Have A Cold Or Allergies.
You May Be Feeling Dizzy - Ringing In The Ears - Heart Palpitations - Feeling Whole Body Vibrations Especially At Night - Back Pain - Tingling In The Limbs - Feeling Tired Exhausted From Minor Exertion - Also You'll Be Viewing Relationships On A Totally New Perspective!


Drink Plenty of Water - Real Spring Water Is The Best - The Next Best Is Distilled Water! Be Careful For There Are Spring Waters On The Market That Claim To Be Spring - But They Are Not!


All Children Born In The Past 3 Years Have ALL 12 Strands of DNA Intact! A Very Small Percentage of Adults Have Already Completed The Entire Change Into Crystalline Form And Now Embody All 12 Strands of DNA! All Children Under The Age of 7 Have Now Completed The Change!


We Are - Changing - Expanding - Growing - Becoming - Transcending - Beings - WOW!!! - How Incredibly Amazing Is Life Right Now!!!! Feel It - Sense It - Know It - BECOME IT! Make It A Visually SMOOTH Transition By Using Positive Affirmations! I Feel Great! I Feel Fantastic! I Feel Magnificent!!!


Visualize World Peace!


Love & Blessings : )))


Sapphire Stone


February 2010 Sapphire Stone - All Rights Reserved






It Is Within Oneness of Love & Light, I Embrace All of You And Surround You With Golden Sunlight To Warm And Soothe Your Tired Souls, That Have Remained Focused Within Divinity As You Stay Centered Within All There Is And Ever Will Be, Without Allowing The Non-Believers To Douse Your Internal Violet Flame of Your God Source!


You Are The Way-showers And Warriors of The Light,  Starseeds! Keep Your Attention Within Your Own Heart, Within Your Own God Self! This Is Where Your Strength And Power Is To Make Extraordinary Changes In The World! Never Forget Who You Are And Where You Came From or That You Have Millions of Other People On Earth, And Other Worlds, Who Share Your Knowledge And Wisdom!  No Matter How Alone You Feel Physically, Know You Can Never Be Alone Mentally! And Always Know That Those Who Are One With You Are Only A Click of The Button Away! Think of It As Mental Telepathy or A Direct Line Connecting You With An ET or Angel of Peace & Light!


These New Senses Have Always Been With You, It Is Only Now That You Have Awakened Have You Noticed Them! Your Focus Attracts And Creates! The Word Alone ~ Multi-Dimensional ~ Is Causing An Expansion Within You, A Inner Knowing That Is Giving You Full Access To Your Human Experience!

It is Time Now For You To Flex Your Multi-Dimensional Muscles And Know


The True Nature of Your Being! Your Being Which Transcends Time And Space, Your Being Which Is Eternal And God-Like! Your Being Which Is Nowhere Else On This Earth At This Exact Moment And Yet Is Everywhere Else At This Exact Moment! The Inner Knowing, The Focal Point From The Soul Perspective - Your True Self, This Is The Constant In This Experience, This Is The Quiet Center In The Middle of The Storm of Experience And This Is What You May "Hold Onto And Stay Connected With" or Orient To, While All Else Around You May Shift, Much Will Be Released And Relinquished! Stay True To This Inner Orientation And You Will Know Your Way!


Many Things Will No Longer Suit Your New Emerging Experience, As You Find Many Old Things Will Disappear! This Will Be Mentally And Physically, As You Navigate Your True Enlightened Path For Understanding And Solace!
Life Is A Flow of Energy, A Creation From One Moment To The Next! It Is Not Solid, It Is Static! You Lived Your Life In The Past, Meaning You Experienced Yourself! Now I Want You To Experience Yourself At Multiple Levels of Vibrations! You Can Know The Intricate Goings On of The Cells Within Your Body! You Can Perceive And Create From The Focal Point of Your Unique Human Body Which Is Reading This Message! You Are One With ALL And Can Feel The Energy And The Dynamics Within The Planet!


You Have Non-Physical Aspects To Yourself And These Aspects Are Simultaneously Flowing Back And Forth Within Your Experience, Especially When You Have An A-Ha Moment, A Shift Occurred Within You And You Can See That You Are Powerful Beyond Measure or Able To Connect With Non-Physical Energy, or Able To Resonate With This Message! For It Is Within These Particular Moments That Your Entire Existence Is Transformed! Where Nothing Is The Same As It Was Before Mentally! For You Elevated Your Perspective or Shifted Your Awareness Within An Instant! It Is Within Those A-Ha Moments


That You Created A Deja Vu With Another Part of Yourself That You Just Got In Touch With Your Own Divine Existence, Multi-Dimensionally, For The First Time Within This Lifetime!

There Is A Constant Co-Creation And Informing, Energetic Upgrade As Well As Shifts, As A Result of ALL "Versions" of Your Self Being Connected Instantaneously When In Communion or Communication With One Another! So You Literally Do Move Worlds Within AN INSTANT With Your Focus!

Okay So Now Let's Return To The Very Trying Physical Experience That You


Are Transpiring In Your Current Earth Based Form From Which You Are Reading This Message! Allow Yourself To Choose An Elevated Perspective In Regards To ALL Views You Regard! You Can Stretch And Flow With Your Energy In Ways That Will Expand You Joyfully, Out of 3D Limitation of Your Body, And Into A Multi-Dimensional Aspect of Yourself Where Energy Is Running Through You And Into Creation! The Purpose of This Exercise Is To Embody More Light And To Elevate Your Physical Form So That You Might Participate In The Creation of Your Own Desires Within The Framework of The Emerging New Earth! This Beautiful Planet Is Releasing And Transforming Like A Shedding Reptile! Stepping Completely Out of Its Prior Form With New And Tender Skin Covering Her And Unlike A Reptile, She Is Transformed Entirely, Not Just On The Surface!


I Feel Earth Everyday Changing Into Something New! For The Sky, The Stars, The Sun, The Trees, The Plants, The Flowers, Everything Looks New And Different To Me! Remember Much Is Created Energetically First, Before It Is Visible Physically And That You Will Only Be Seeing What You Resonate With, As An Exact Vibrational Match! Remember Every Experience Is Holographic And You Choose Your Experience And Create It Mentally!
All Physical Form Is More Than The Form You See! Each Viewpoint, Each Perspective Creates What It Experiences And Sees! We As Humans Do Much of This With Astonishing Mechanisms of Our Eyes, Ears, Smell, Taste, Touch! There Are Countless Interfaces And Microcosms We Are Creating Throughout Each Instant of Our Experiences That Is NOT Solid! They Are Being Created In A Collaboration Between Our Bodies And Our Consciousness!
You Are Magnificent! Glorious! Creative! Beings of Light! Capable of Awesome Powers Within Your Experience That You Use Everyday, Minute By Minute, Instant To Instant, In Which You Are Largely Unaware of!
Share Kindness And Warmth Whenever You Can Within Love & Light! This Is Where Your True Powers Are To Create Heaven On Earth! For This Will Keep You Close To The Archangels And Closely Aligned With Your Soul, That Knows Everything On How To Align You With Your Highest Self, To Arrive Full of Light Within The Frontier of Your Own Emerging Existence Within This Body of Yours! Ask The Archangels To Help You Whenever Life Gets Too Difficult For You, For They Will Be There In An Instant!
You May Feel Lost At Times, But Know In Your Heart, That You Are Waking Up To A Life, Just As You Have Chosen, Just As You Have Planned, Just As You Are Being Guided And Led Into By Your Soul, Your Essence, Your Eternally Valid And Unique Focus of Energy! Know That Nothing In Your Experience Is Too Much For You! It Is Created By You For You! You Have All The Resources Within You To Manage Your Own Landscape of The Emerging Universe! Do Not Be Afraid of The True Power That Is Showing Itself To You, Everyday In Ways You Never Thought Imaginable!

Become One With Your Own True Divinity!
Sending You A Rainbows of ~ Love ~ Light ~ Peace ~ Joy ; ))
Sapphire Stone

March 2011 Sapphire Stone - All Rights Reserved




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